Christopher Gallo
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Christopher Gallo
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Technologies used:

Clixint Flash CMS

Company / Client Overview

A native New Yorker, Christopher Gallo received a BFA at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art . He has worked as an Adjunct Professor, teaching Advanced Studio Photography at New York University. CGP was established in Manhattan in 1989. Chris now lives with his wife, painter, Karen Arm, In Brooklyn, and on Shelter Island NY

Project Requirements

Christopher Gallo required a complex dynamic Flash based CMS to display his photography. He wanted to have a fully flash based website and at the same time he wanted to have an Administration Panel to manage Photo Galleries, Images, Pages and other general settings.

What We Did

We started working with Chris, he provided all the images, gallery names etc. We developed a dynamic Flash CMS that loads all the gallery names, page names, image details etc dynamically from MySQL and display in Flash. We delivered a professional looking website which is complete Flash based and managed through secure Administration Panel. Below is the list of final deliverable:

  • Corporate Website Flash Design
  • Flash Quick Intro Animation
  • lash Based Content Management System
  • Administration Panel to manage Flash CMS

Clixint to the rescue !

I had a very complicated dynamic flash project that another good programmer just couldn't handle. Clixint had all the answers, and plowed through the project immediately. A great producer, very good English skills, a vast knowledge and innovative approach to dynamic website construction. Extremely professional and experienced team.
Christopher Gallo - Chief Executive

Portfolio Disclaimer:
Clixint Technologiesdoes not guarantee the live website may still exist and/or not modified/in the original format. Since companies upgrade their websites from time to time and / or go out of business, there is no guarantee of availability of live demo. If you are interested in similar project, we can provide a working demo on our servers for evaluation.
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